Mission Statement

Our mission is to help promote theatre of any size, to help the show be performed to as wide an audience as possible. In doing so, we aim to help theatre makers build their profile for now and the future.



  1. To assist in the promotion of upcoming shows to increase the audience size.

  2. To assist in getting the show reviewed by recognised publications.

  3. To build up a positive portfolio of reviews and audience feedback for the show.

  4. To give each show an online platform to help with the above objectives and to be used as future promotional material for either this, or future shows from the same company.


Who are we

C R Story is me, Rob Warren. I’ve co-run Everything Theatre for the past four years so have ample experience of being on the other side of the fence when it comes to promoting shows; with Everything Theatre I’m the person receiving all those press releases and deciding which shows we want to review. In 2019 it's probably safe to say I read over 1,000 press releases, so I have a good idea what does or doesn't work. It's this knowledge that I hope to offer you now.

I've also been heavily involved in building up Everything Theatre's social media presence, something that in the past few years has become more and more important to keep the site very much in the forefront of London fringe theatre.

Whilst C R Story is seperate from Everything Theatre, I remain fully committed to both. And by ensuring Everything Theatre remains a successful site to review and talk about theatre, it is a great launch pad for C R Story to work off.

It also means I also have the ear of many people with plenty of theatre knowledge, some of whom may even be called upon to do a little work for C R Story when things get too busy.


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