Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020

Time to start planning

The origins of C R Story can be traced back to Edinburgh 2019. It was here that we realised how many shows struggled with getting themselves seen in any way. As a reviewer, it was clear that there were some amazing shows out there that simply didn’t know how to go about promoting themselves.

So, this year we want to help change that. And we’re offering two simple packages that we feel would suit even the smallest budget.


Edinburgh offers


Hosting a page

At the very simplest level, we can create a page for you where we’ll host your press release, photos and all the essential information about your show. It will give you somewhere to direct people to who are after some details. We’ll also amend it to add in links to reviews. (Note, you will be responsible for sending us the links.) We’ll happily create this page any time and we will leave it up for six months so you can link to it for when your show is showing elsewhere. If you wanted to extend the time frame after this, we would be happy to quote you for that too.


Hosting, promoting and communication

For this, you’ll get your own page for all your information, we’ll monitor for published reviews and ensure links and quotes are added to your page. We’ll also do scans of social media to pull out the best audience comments which we’ll add to your page to give it some real up to date appeal.

In addition, we’ll help you try to get the press to your shows, sending out your invites and acting as a point of contact for all enquiries. This will allow you to fully focus on your show.

We'll also include your show in some advertising campaigns we will be running leading up to and throught the festival.


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