What can we do for you?

With a tight budget for your show, it’s easy to think you will do everything yourself. But that’s not always the best option. Instead you could let C R Story do some of the work for you. From sending out press invites, getting your show seen on other websites, pulling together all the great feedback after people have seen the show, all the annoying admin things that you may not have the time to give the attention they really need. Our aim is to save you time which can be better put to getting your show ready, and help you get the show seen by even more people.

A dedicated web presence

Get seen online

Creating your own website can be time consuming and expensive. Instead we can create and maintain your own dedicated page on our site. Here we can host your press release, photos and links to all your social media. Then once your show is on, add in links to all those great reviews and the best of your social media feedback. Even after the show has completed its run, the page can stay active for as long as you like. Perfect if you’re planning for the show to move on to bigger and better things. Even if this show has run its course, the page can be a good launching pad to help promote your future shows.

Create a marketing pack

Let the world know you're here

To help with the promotion of your show, we’ll work with you to create a marketing pack. This will contain all the basic elements needed to generate as much noise around your show as possible.

With this pack we can then create a plan on how we're going to further promote the show for you. And from this we will then help to fill those seats and get your show as much attention as possible.


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